Spring Spirit Poncho



Unique piece of Art.
Embroidered by hand.

This Poncho is the best of the CORA ponchos. It's t the Spring Spirit expanding the energies of: vitality, rebirthing, youngness, happiness, freedom. The hand painted face is really magnetic. The poncho structure is composed by two fabrics: blue hand dye African fabric on the shoulders and white-silver linen fabric made in Italy.
The Spring Spirit have a "Flower of Life" crown design and two flowers earring (Afghanistan handmade fabric). The rest of the patchworks is compose by different fabrics made in Japan. On the front poncho, the celebration of the Spring Spirit is sign by the presence of birds and flowers (Afghanistan handmade fabrics), up a beautiful blue fabric made in Japan.
This Art piece is really power full, amazing beauty, perfect balance and full of harmony too.

Wash inside out.
Hand wash with mild soap.
Do not use drying machine. Lay flat to dry.
Do not iron directly. Iron inside out