Corinna Carrara is a nomad italian artist, flamboyant craftsperson and healer, creator of the CORA brand. 

Corinna is a Cosmic Shamanic Artist expressing herself through painting and textile mediums. After ten years of exclusive dedication to painting artworks, she decided to start the CORA adventure. 

In 2013 she was living in Mexico where she discovered the inner power of tribal clothing. Fascinated, Corinna decided to develop a clothing brand of unique designs, using worldwide tribal fabrics. The CORA brand will remind each person of their uniqueness. The cloth itself is a symbol of the union of the tribes, strongly connected with the cosmic shamanic consciousness. In 2014-2016 Corinna lived in New York and California, where she started to show her first brand creations. In 2017, she moved to Ibiza, Spain, where she got even more engaged in her clothing line. 

Now in 2020, she is proud to be showing her fourth CORA collection!