CORA's garments are one of a kind, hand crafted, created passionately, and are healing in the harmony of their symbology.

The CORA logo is inspired by the Star of the Mayan calendar. It brings the transcendental energies of: transformation, harmony, beauty, love and creativity.

CORA is a 'Slow Fashion' brand. The CORA process comes from dedication and craftsmanship, from heart and passion. CORA uses handmade tribal fabrics collected by the artist from around the world. Each garment is hand embroidered with fine details, delicately mastered over time. In some special pieces the artist also implements her skill by hand painting the magnetic faces on fabric.

CORA clothing becomes a magical tool, bringing you into closer interaction with the Cosmic Spirit world, and wearing it, you will not only be spreading enlightenment but also enhancing your own consciousness !

The brand mission is to create a modern, interconnected, awakened tribe: THE CORA TRIBE. Wearing CORA we are like space walkers, moving interdimensionally, holding each other's hands along the way...